The New Year

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January 1, 2016 by Kira

From the desk of The Modern Day Cindi: With the dawn of 2016 approaching and so many expectations for the new year, I find myself randomly humming Auld Lang Syne (that is the New Year’s Eve song – to which I don’t think anyone actually knows the words). Anywho, growing up as a New Yorker, for ages as a little girl my family would gather around the television and anxiously anticipate the countdown until the new year and of course the BALL DROPPING. As New Yorkers, we dare not stand outside in the frigid air in Times Square with the inevitable mix of tourist and thrill seekers who descend upon the infamous locale to see the clock strike midnight live. For me, the excitement was less about the ball dropping and more about that ONE SIP of champagne my cousins and I were allowed to have. That sip of champagne was everything! It gave me life…so much so I anxiously awaited the coming of the next year to do the same.
As the instrumental of the New Year’s Eve song continues to chime in my mind, I think about how that same little girl has evolved into the women affectionately known as The Modern Day Cindi… I no longer hold on to the magic moment of the clock striking 12 at midnight. Nor does my whole life speed by just to get to the next sip the following year. Instead, I catalogue each day as one worthy of me holding on to… I have traded my sip of champagne for a daily cup of green tea or a decaf latte and and I make my moments count. Not only that, I assess my progress and growth frequently during the year and I look back on my evolution as I hit different milestones. My personal development and style have been marked in the beginning by seasons where I was really focused and too corporate thus excelling in the job, but my creativity was dying along with my style and fashion sense.  
Now in my entrepreneurial freedom, I no longer fearfully make choices about how to present myself for my day and how much color is “appropriate” to wear. Somewhere between last January and now my creativity in business and style bloomed simultaneously. With it, I made a vow to myself to do better, be better, and live well! My objective is to stay true to myself. My motivation is to never again lose the thing that separates me from others- my creative sense of who I am and how I stylishly leave my mark on the world. Now, that may seem a little selfish, but it was born from a place where my goals live. And well, what is a personal goal if it isn’t selfish and/or a bit self-fulfilling? So with that, I have compiled a list of things, some of which are oldies and essential nonetheless and others are new additions and must-haves for the journey. These items (although are not the exhaustive list) are the things that I am joyfully moving forward with in 2016. 

To start, I am gladly relinquishing the reigns as the woman that I know with most pairs of jeans in her closet. I am abandoning my hair experimenting phase. And, I can honestly say someone somewhere will be happy that the shoes I only wore twice are on their feet and not mine. 

But I will be journeying into the new year with…

#1 Patience

I’ll pair a knee length (or longer) open sweater or cape, distressed denim rolled slightly at the ankle with an edgy bootie or funky sneaker (my preference is Adidas)

#2 Passion

Red and Purple Accessories 

From scarfs, to hats, to jeweled gems such as earrings, bracelets, and rings these slight touches add depth to your look and are subtle enough to be worn as everyday pieces 

#3 Determination and Focus

With a pair of black leather or denim skinnies and a collarless button white blouse… It’s easy to keep it business chic for midday or late meetings or traveling on the go

#4 The Right Goals & Vision

This should be packed away in a cute cross body convertible clutch purse or backpack. The backpack is a functional yet fashionable go-to! (Thank You Steve Madden for turning the school yard must have into one of my adult favorites)

And last but definitely not least…

#5 Confidence

And this is always worn best with kind words and a smile
I am The Modern Day Cindi

Instagram: themoderndaycindi

Periscope: themoderndaycindi

Twitter: ModernDayCindi 


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