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Kira “kee + ra” Laws, is a native New Yorker, born in the ‘Big Apple,’ but raised in “H-town”- Houston, Texas to be exact. Very ambitious and a goal seeker, she pursued education with excellence and fast tracked her way through her studies to becoming one of the youngest attorney’s in the state of Texas at the time of her swearing-in.

Deciding to take a hiatus from law, this former model & musician returned to her roots, retracing her steps to find a niche that was specifically designed for her. Because of her love for others, she converged into a new but familiar arena, Life Imaging. Kira’s primary focus is to not only build people and businesses, but redefine images, refine ideas, and refocus perspectives. Together with her gifts of creativity, ingenuity, and her desire to build a legacy, Kira began consulting which birthed and gave life to her epithet and brand The Modern Day Cindi.

Notably, Kira is recognized by her peers and colleagues as a coach, a counselor, a mediator, and a friend. Kira is also celebrated as a culture savant who is well-versed in style, has a keen editor’s eye, exhibits a knack for fashion, and an accomplished business maven whose intellect and creativity has helped to launch efforts and promote projects in arts, entertainment, and media.

Kira’s innovative genius has also placed her on the creative end of projects as a consultant, helping businesses develop and implement strategies. It is this business acumen that has pushed her into higher education where she is an Adjunct MMBA Professor at University of Houston Downtown, as well as a Corporate Fellow for the MBA program.

Included in Kira’s ever-evolving portfolio, she is also a partner in Status K, a conglomerate founded with her husband which focuses on Arts, Entertainment, Media and Urban Development.  She is also a host of Society Now on Sphere TV.


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